When I do these things, I don’t expect them to work.

I’m gonna go lay on the floor in denial now.




The 8th icon in your folder is your muse’s reaction to being asked if they’re a virgin

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misterriddler: "I shouldn't be in love with you!"



Why this and why now?

The proclamation had felt like a slap to his face, quick and unexpected, and oh how it stung. He didn’t know how to feel, for a moment there. Was he supposed to be surprised? Confused? Angry? Jonathan felt all that, yes, but - most of all - he felt despair.

It was a despair that, if he let it consume him, there would be no turning back from. Edward had been his anchor for as long as he could remember, through the high and lows that they’ve been through. It was for Edward that he did what he had done.

The Scarecrow gloated in glee, echoing in his head: I told you Jonny boy, I told you. Nobody else can love you but me. After all, who would love the horrendous demon spawn that was Jonathan Crane?

His skin turned pale and he realized he was shaking and he felt as if he was drowning.

It took all his energy to just draw close to the other man, kneel down and grasp one of his hands in both of his own. Hurt shot through him as he saw the ring he had given Edward was not on his hand and he feared the worst. He feared. “Y-You’re right, Edward… You shouldn’t be in l-love with me,” he whispered, fighting back the tears. “But, please, please tell me that you are. That you do still love me. I-If you don’t, I don’t know what I would do.”


Edward knelt with Jonathan, placing his hand over their intertwined ones. “No, Jon, I— I didn’t mean it that way…” He wanted to press his forehead to his husbands’, to be closer, but he couldn’t.

"I’m being selfish in this, Jon… I don’t know what made me think I had the right to someone who worked so hard to change, because all I’ve done is drag you down!” He brought Jon’s hands to his lips, kissing the ring on his finger. “And I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to be what ruins you. You’re so perfect, and it’s not something I can give back…

"I love you, Jon. But in such a selfish way that I can’t help but feel that I’m hurting you. There’s so much more that you could have without me, and I would be happy to know that you were here, if and because leaving me was what made life better for you.”

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name: Kyura
birthday: April
gender: Female
sexuality: Pansexual with a touch of LIPSTICK LESBIAN
height: 5’11”
time zone: MT (UTC -7)
time and date currently is…: 13:55, September 19th, 2014
hours of sleep i get on average: Either ten or four. There is no inbetween.
the last thing i googled: "blue lantern Adara"
most used phrases: ”Live long and prosper”, “All will be well.”
first word that comes to mind: cat
last thing i said to a family member: ”Got my laptop back from Best Buy.”
one place that makes me happy and why: COMIC SHOP B/C COMICS
favourite beverages: Tea, coffee, dining hall hot chocolate.
last movie i saw at the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy
three things i can’t live without: Cats, comics, and physics.
something i plan on learning: ASTRONOMY UGGGH
a piece of advice to all my followers: Look to the stars, for hope burns bright. Also, they’re really pretty and actually scientifically fucking awesome.
a song you all need to listen to: "Jet Lag (Truck Session)" Frank Turner

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My laptop is back, and so are my ICONS!

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I’m doing a project on gay rights in today’s society.

So if you believe that same sex couples should be allowed to get married, please reblog this.

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"I’m afraid my head’s in no condition for riddles tonight." Another twinge of pain reminded the thief of his unfortunate hangover and he idly rubbed the palm of his hand against his temple. "And? What exactly are you doing up here tonight? Stargazing?"…

“I’m almost thirty, kid. Regardless, I’m a bit offended that you think I’d do something stupid. Immoral or ephemeral, maybe, but not stupid.” He sighed, tipping his bowler back with a silk-gloved hand. “I’ve just… Survived too long for my side of the deal, and as I reach that shore I’m not sure how to feel.”



"Well," Edward chuckled half-heartedly, "don’t let me stop you. Might have to give you a riddle about the worth of life." He turned away again.

"I’m afraid my head’s in no condition for riddles tonight." Another twinge of pain reminded the thief of his unfortunate hangover and he idly rubbed the palm of his hand against his temple. "And? What exactly are you doing up here tonight? Stargazing?" 

"Just thinking. Keeping low. I haven’t got anything left to do now. Wouldn’t exactly expect you to understand— you’re too young yet." His grip tightened on the head of his cane. "I’ve done something, and the price is steep, but I’m here to pay it."